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two green shaded diamonds three green solid squiggles one red shaded oval three purple shaded squiggles
one green empty diamond one green solid diamond three green empty ovals two purple empty squiggles
one red empty diamond one purple solid squiggle two purple shaded ovals two purple solid ovals
Found Sets: 0 of 6

How to play

The rule is simple: Three cards are a set if, in each of a card's features (shape, color, fill, and count) every card matches the others, or no cards match each other. There are 6 such sets in the cards above; can you find them all?

Too hard?

Making one feature the same for all the cards makes for an easier game.


This implementation takes its inspiration from the game of Set produced by Set Enterprises. And thanks to Andrea for getting me hooked introducing me to Set. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc., please contact me here.